Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Thermy Day is here

In anticipation of Thermy's arrival, I had a few extras delivered with my shopping.  Actually, I booked a delivery so I could have a range of things to try out in the Thermy.  I needed quite a few other domestic bits, so I would probably have booked a delivery sometime in the next week anyway, and it  might as well have been today.  Which translates to "Although the Thermy caused me to place an order, most of my delivery was non-Thermy related".

I haven't gone to Costco yet to get the cream for butter.  It's so hot, I think the cream might not churn well, even in my KitchenAid, so I'll maybe go later in the week.

Ive finally received my courier notification telling me what time to he (by "he" I mean the courier, not Thermy) is due to be here.

I'm feeling a mixture of subtle excitement (is that a contradiction in terms?),  plus some nervousness (Will I like it? Will it be worth the money? Will I use it?), and a huge dose of sheepishness (that I am feeling anything at the prospective arrival of a household blender. ). Perhaps that's a double dose of sheepishness (that I am writing a blog about it).

I'll update later.

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