Wednesday, 23 July 2014

First full meal

We chose to steam some fish.

So.. We chopped ginger and garlic in Thermy, scraped or into a bowl and added the remaining marinade ingredients (oil,  soy sauce, sugar) to that.

We then put water on the Thermy bowl, and added coconut milk.  Weighed rice ( should have done this first), rinsed it, and put it on to steam. Veggies were also steaming in the  aroma

Whilst that was cooking, we spread the marinade over the fish.

After a few minus, we put the fish on, for 15 minutes.

Very easy. Will do again.
Veg was a smidgen overdone, I like mine crunchy.
Rice smidgeon overdone, but very acceptable.  Couldn't taste coconut.
Fish,  barramundi, was fine.

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