Sunday, 20 July 2014

D-Day - and before

 I cleaned my oven. I knew we'd been making bread, so the oven was required. My oven was an embarrassement.  I clean it, completely, with OvenMate probably 4 times a year, but it needs doing every month.   I think its made worse by the way I cook my sourdough bread - I put a tray underneath when the oven is heating up, and then I put cold water into it when the bread goes in, to create steam.  The steam loosens the gunk so it tends to spread as the oven cools. 

I washed the kitchen floor. I cleaned my worktops.  I put stuff away. I made sure my bathroom and downstairs toilet were clean.

D-Day morning:
I laid out the dry ingredients from Natarsha's list, in order listed on her sheet (which turned out not to be helpful).

I peeled carrots. I zested a lemon. I separated an egg.

I moved the frozen fruit to an accessible parto fthe freezer. I moved the chilled ingredients to an accessible part of the fridge.

I got out the specified number of bowls and spoons, a gratin dish, a tray for baking bread rools. 

Natarsha arrived, and we chatted as she set up.

My brother phoned to say he'd had a bit of a problem at home, and he would be 15 minutes late.

My next door neighbour arrived.

No sign of my Aunt, which was most unusual.    I checked the bus times, and was a little worried as the bus should have arrived about ten minutes ago and is less than 5 mins walk from our house.   I looked down the road and couldn't see her.     I phoned her, and she sounded out of breath. It was a hot day, and she was walking from the bus stop. I could see her coming down the road.

Introductions, cold drinks all round, and we decided to get started, without my brother.

This was it.

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