Monday, 21 July 2014

Can't eat until Wednesday!

I need to make butter this week, we're down to our lost pat.   I'm "waiting until Wednesday so I can see if it works in the Thermomix".

I wanted Pizza yesterday, but thought we might have it after Wednesday.

Discussing dinner tonight, MH opted for meatballs in a tomato sauce with pasta.   We defrosted beef mince, pork mince and lardons.  When I came to make it, I realised that this would also be a good test for the Thermy - how well it would combine the ingredients, without turning them to mush.

I mentioned it to MH, and he laughed and said that he had thought the same thing but speculated that whilst the Thermy was obviously good at mixing while it chopped,   we didn't know how good it's mixing functionality would be on stuff already chopped.  (The fact that he had thought about any of this  was quite a surprise,and shows he obviously is looking forward to trying the new thing out. 

We agreed that we probably shouldn't eat anything until Wednesday!

As I made the meatballs, I also realised that I could have used the Thermy to chop the parsley,  and I could have put some ground lentils in either the meatballs or  the sauce.  I suspect the blade on reverse (so it doesn't chop) would probably mix reasonably well.

In fact, I could have heated the passata in the Thermy, and tried steaming the meatballs over the top.


I always cook in bulk and now, in addition to tonight's dinner, I have two  x 2 person meals worth of meatballsfor the freezer.

It'll be a while before we put this to the test.

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