Sunday, 20 July 2014

No. I won't be getting a Thermie.

I'd booked he date, we'd be finished and still have time to get to the 02 for Monty Python.

I contacted my potential attendees.

First, I asked my Vitamix-loving brother if he'd like to come.  I'd be interested in hearing what he thought of it, as he uses his VM for everything.

I asked my Auntie Joy, who had kindly agreed to trog over to Chiswick with me.

I asked my lovely DIL (Daughter in Law), but i knew she would probably have to decline. She was going to Monty Python (in fact, we were going as their guests), and I realised that she would have childcare issues on this day.  However, she was the one person I could see who might find a Thermie a cost-effective addition, so I asked her anyway.  Sadly, she wasn't able to come.

I asked my next door neigbour.  I was a bit embarrassed, as I didn't want her to think it was the sort of product party where you had to buy something.    When I asked her if she would be interested in coming for a demo for a kitchen product she mentioned immediately "Is it a Thermomix?". Her friend has one and rates it highly, and she'd love to come.

So, everything was booked. 

I got my list of required ingredients. We had most things, I just needed to get fresh vegetables for the gratin, and to buy some parsley and coriander. We have both herbs in the garden, but they had become too stressed in heat and weren't looking very edible. 

Whilst this was happening, I started to question what I was doing spending all this money on a souped up blender.   I wasn't actually missing my Vitamix.  Without it, I was using my food processor more, and that was doing a splendid job of everything that I had used my Vitamix for. (I used it for chopping vegetables, onions, garlic; I used it for fantastic smoothies; I used  it to make the most amazing hot chocolate. Hardly anything that it was designed for.)

And then I decided I wasn't  going to buy a Thermomix.  

I'd wait until September (which was the speculated launch date) . If the new model didn't come out, then I'd get one.  It would do me good to wait, and to see if I really wanted it after all.

Part of me now felt that I was getting Natarsha here under false pretences.  When I started the booking process with her, I was 100% sure I was a done deal, I had the money ready and everything.  Now, I was sure I wouldn't be buying one.   I talked to MH about it, and explained my reasons .    I know that he only really had a passing interest in whether or not I bought one, and that he probably wasn't planning on using it if I di.  I suspect that  he was only coming to the demo (a) out of mild curiousity, (b) because it was happening in his kitchen, and (c) because I'd asked him to. 

It was too late now, I couldn't cancel. Not after all the farting about.

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