Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It's here...initial tests

Well, it arrived.  Unpacked, washed it, and then waited for MH to come home so we could try a few things.

Peeling Garlic
We started by trying the "peel garlic" trick. Half a dozen cloves, reverse blades, a few seconds on speed 4.
Mixed results. Not a failure, but not perfectly clean.

Retest: cur the root ends off cloves first.  Much better.

Mincing Garlic
We followed the instructions in the book and achieved chopped garlic.  We didnt manage to get a garlic paste, probably need more garlic or more ingredients to achieve that.

Chopping Vegetables
Chopped carrot - very happy.

Of course Thermy isn't really designed for prepping individual ingredients.  It's designed to do multiple things at once.  My next attempt was a simple vegetable salad.

Vegetable Salad
I chose carrots and white cabbage (didn't want to do too many things at once and these were nearest at hand. I found a recipe to use as a guideline as I wasn't sure what proportions to use. I halved the recipe.  I added the required amount of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and parsley, and blended for a few seconds. The original recipe called for baby carrots but I only had big carrots. I peeled and chopped them a bit.

Result!  The salad was properly mixed. The carrot was a bit large, so I put it on for another couple of seconds.  It was perfect.  I ate the whole bowlful.

When I make casseroles or bolognese I always start with chopped onion, garlic, carrot and - if i have any - celery.    I tried this in Thermy. One half (by weight) was onion, a quarter eacy of onion and carrot, and a bit of garlic (Actually I just used the garlic I had minced earlier).

Speed 7, a few seconds. Perfect.  This makes me VERY happy.. 

I'm going to try coleslaw next. Or pureed peas. Or muchroom pate.  Or should I make some dough? Or a sauce?  Or a sorbet?

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