Saturday, 2 August 2014


I love semolina. 

My mum used to make it on the hob, I didn't realise until very late on that it was possibe to put semolina in the oven to bake.   Even when I discovered that,  it seemed to take too long, and I found I could get a lovely type of "skin" by letting it simmer away on the hob in a non stick saucepan.

I was interested to see if I could cook Semolina in my Thermy, mainly because the thermy would do the stirring part for me.   I searched online for recipes, and found all sorts of semolina recipes - but none of them were the simple milk+butter+semolina+sugar one that I was looking for.

Eventually I decided to make it in the Termy, but use my standard recipe and timings.

I fitted the whisk, then  put milk and a knob of butter on to heat.  After a couple of minutes, I added the semolina, turned the heat up to 100, and let it carry on stirring at speed 1 for about 12 minutes. At the end of the time, I added some sugar (don't add before, it interferes with the cooking process), and then put thermy back on for 5 minutes at temp 100 speed 1.

It tasted cooked, but was a bit gloopier than normal.  I'm not sure why - I suspect it was because I had continued to stir with the whisk. On the hob I wouldn't have stirred at all.   It might have been because I had the temperature too high,  and it might have been because it cooked for longer than was necessary.

It was very edible.  It had also started to catch on the bottom of Thermy , and because Thermy isn't non stick,  that part was wasted.

I will definitely try again, with some adjustments.

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