Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Buttermilk Bread

While I have some buttermilk left, I like to make Buttermilk Bread.  I usually do this in my bread machine, but I thought I'd see what happens in Thermy.

I'm not convinced that Thermy will replace my breadmaker.  If I didn't have one,  Thermy would possibly make buying one unnecessary, but I like the convenience.

Anyway. I started off with my usual recipe, although I swapped out 50g of flour for 50g of milled seeds.  I think this was a mistake, I should have added the milled seeds as an extra and not replaced the flour.

All the ingredients went into Thermy, and I mixed on speed 3 for 20 seconds to combine. I then put it on to knead for 1.5 minutes, all as per Fast and Easy Cooking instructed.

The dough was very wet. Too wet. I tipped it out onto a floured surface, and kneaded more flour in.   This is why I think the seeds should have been extra rather than a flour substitute.

I then put the dough into a floured banneton,  put it in a huge plastic bag and tied, and left on the windowsill to rise.

It didn't.

I put it in the airing cupboard to rise.

It didn't.

I put the oven on and put the breadstone in. Much, much later I remembered to go and get the dough out of the airing cupboard,

It hadn't risen.

I cooked it anyway,

The resultant texture was a bit like soda bread,  so I think it was a yeast activation fail.

I hadn't warmed anything and I used cold buttermilk and a non-chemical yeast.  The fault was most likely mine.

It tasted OK, but not at all how it should have done.

I think I'll go back to brad basics with Thermy, and start from the beginning.  In the meantime, I'll continue with my breadmaker.   

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