Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Chicken Risotto, revisited

So, Sunday's roast chicken  became yesterday's chicken with a cheese sauce (courtesy of Thermy), and today's second attempt at chicken risotto.

This time, I used Carnaroli rice, and more seasoning.  I followed (sort of) Quirky Cooking's recipe for Chicken and Mushroom Risotto. I say "sort of" because I only had about 90g of mushrooms,  I used 400g homemade chicken stock  and some tomato passata as part of the cooking liquid, and I used leftoevr chicken which I added in the final 5 minutes of cooking time. And I added grated parmesan at the end.

The texture was much, much better than the previous attempt.   I think that was partly down to rhe Carnaroli rice instead of Arborio. And partly because I put it in a serving dish for 5 minutes before serving.

The flavour was better, thanks to more seasoning and dry white wine (instead of the floral Gewurtztraminer from last time).

It was still a little lacking in seasoning, so next time I think I'll use even more chicken stock (and less water),  and/or I'll add a Knorr chicken stock pot, and/or more salt and pepper. I might also throw in some herbs.

But it was definitely a success, and I will use it again.

And I have leftovers to make risotto balls again.

Double yum!

More salt and pepper
More chicken stock (and/or stockpot and or maybe use soaked dried muchrooms and their liquor)
Herbs. Maybe mushroom ketchup or similar.

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